[Catalog-sig] Re: Distutils sprinting at PyCon

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Tue Feb 1 09:41:50 CET 2005

In a message of Mon, 31 Jan 2005 16:04:39 EST, "Phillip J. Eby" writes:

>We're trying to do something along the lines of Eclipse's "feature" 
>concept, where a file describes a feature (package in this case) and lists 
>the various downloads that are required for that feature including 
>platform-specific URLs for those items that are platform-specific.
>The idea is that the download URL in PyPI and elsewhere would then be the
>download URL for a file that describes currently available versions of the

Does it handle multiple URLS for when a package is mirrored all over
the planet?

>Obviously there is still some handwaving here, but hopefully the waves are 
>much smaller and better defined now, because it's more about defining a 
>format and having tools to parse and download.
>(We may want that file to be XML, simply because it would allow the 
>contents to be rendered with an XSL stylesheet for viewing by humans.)

We may not want that file to be XML because it might require rendering
with an XSL stylesheet in order to be viewed by humans. :-)


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