[Catalog-sig] Re: [chiPy] pypi

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Thu Mar 10 22:45:40 CET 2005

Brant Harris wrote:
> Weren't we going to discuss PyPI over at catalog-sig?  Not like I
> care, I'm good with whateva'.

I was going to write up something specific to what we've done, but I 
haven't.  But what they hey, I'll just copy this over; this is all in 
reference to code we (ChiPy people) have in an svn repository: 

-- I started moving things to ZPT templates, Brian Ray started 
documenting the database and building some tools around it (I'm not 100% 
clear there), and several people have added an xmlrpc interface to build 
a command-line client, which is what the rest of Brant's email involves...

> I had some ideas for the PyPI client package... Here's the basic API
> layout idea.  Just brainstorming, really.  Everything would sit in the
> pypi module, or perhaps pypi.client:
> def search(*args, **kw):
>     """
>     Return a list of packages with the first argument as a search string.
>     Specific attributes can be searched with keyword arguments.
>     """
> def install(package, silently=0):
>     """
>     Downloads a package and then runs "setup.py build" and "setup.py
> install" on the
>     sucker.
>     The <silenty> would do so without outputing any info, so that a
> module could do
>     it... well silently.
>     """
> def update(package, silently=0):
>     """Updates the package..."""
> def download(package, path, silently=0):
>     """Downloads a package to the given path."""
> def info(package):
>     """Returns a string with the information for the package well formated."""
> def docs(package):
>     """Returns the document string for the package, or maybe even more?"""
> #And then what if there was an ability to svn in and out right within
> the package index?
> class svn:
>     def co(package, path):
>          """Checks out a package to the path indicated."""

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