[Catalog-sig] Policies for packages where the author is unavailable

Colin Stewart colin at owlfish.com
Sun Oct 23 19:09:43 CEST 2005


Ben: I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier - your email is in my
list of things to get around to, but I've simply not had time.

> Ben Bangert wrote:
> > Several packages out there, including Python Paste, and several I'm  
> > working on have dependencies on a Python package called WSGI Utils.  
> > Unfortunately WSGI Utils is not packaged for setuptools and the  
> > Cheese Shop, nor have I been able to contact the author about having  
> > it added. The name also needs to be changed to WSGIUtils as the space  
> > appears to cause problems.
> Colin has applied some changes I've sent to him, but I haven't heard
> back on a couple things I've sent him since then.  Oh well, it happens
> to all of us at times.

Ian: Am I right in thinking that only the space in the package name and
the other HTTP methods (HEAD, PUT, etc) are outstanding at this point?
I don't recall anything else.

I'm happy to remove the space in the name, although it's really just
working around bugs in other software!  As far as setuptools support
goes - please send me a patch against version 0.6 and I'll review it.
If the impact's minimal I can just include it, in the worst case I can
put it under a "contrib" folder for those than would like it.

>From what I can tell the Cheese Shop is just a place to gather links to
Python software - I'm happy for someone else to put an entry to
WSGIUtils or any of the other Python software I maintain.



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