[Catalog-sig] PyPI enhancement wish items?

Grig Gheorghiu grig at gheorghiu.net
Sat Apr 22 18:49:15 CEST 2006


Do you think it would be possible to start some integration of my
Cheesecake project into PyPI? Here's the homepage of the project:


For a given package, I'm computing scores for installability,
documentation and code 'kwalitee'. Details are on the homepage.

I'd love to see what other things people think would be worth


--- Grig Gheorghiu <grig at gheorghiu.net> wrote:

> --- "Phillip J. Eby" <pje at telecommunity.com> wrote:
> > 2) Compute "cheesecake" scores for modified entries (using only the
> > metrics 
> > that don't actually run any of the package's code, of course) and
> > display 
> > them prominently. :)
> Cheesecake! Cheesecake! I'm all for that! :-)
> I've kind of neglected the cheesecake project in the last couple of
> months, but if you guys express interest in it, I'm way more
> motivated
> to dust it off and improve it...
> I was actually thinking that cheesecake will never take off and gain
> mind share unless I actually start displaying its scores for the PyPI
> packages in a very prominent way :-)
> Grig
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