[Catalog-sig] feedback received from python.org trac

Tim Parkin tim at pollenation.net
Sat Mar 11 12:22:47 CET 2006

This was posted on the psf.pollenation.net trac..

Just forwarding on..  			

Password reset needs improvement for Cheese Shop.

If a registered user changes or closes an email accounts, then that user
cannot get into the package submission site ever again ever, unless he
reregisters. But that is the problem. The user's previously submitted
package will exist as is for ever and ever or until someone deletes it.

The problem is : When entering a user name to reset the password an
email is sent to the old email which is closed. The email is bounced,
returned, living only until some automated system destroys it but never
to be received by anyone.

If a registered user enters his current email address (the new one), to
reset the password, then the username is not recognized as a match to
the username and the entry invalid.

Either way the user is forced to re-register.

    However the user cannot resubmit the same package, nor can he access
his previously registered package because his original registration
belongs to a ghost.

The managers of my webspace offer an option to submit a new email
address after entering a login name and password. What an idea. Works
for me.

If you are wondering how I thought of this needed improvement, the
answer is that this problem is happening to me right now.

And, if someone ever decides to make such an improvement, I would
appreciate an email sent to tech at inqvista.com it's in the inqVista
package, listed on the Cheese Shop site. Also valid is
inq1ltd at verizon.net. Otherwise my package will live forever as is. And,
I will have to re-work, re-build, re-write, re-submit, redo, re-install,
re-construct, re-compose, re-compile, re-name and re-register, just for
starters. And, I hope not.

Re-Regards, jim derose (inq1ltd at verizon.net)

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