[Catalog-sig] feedback received from python.org trac

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Mar 12 01:08:58 CET 2006

jim_on_linux wrote:
> The question is, Now what?  What does this user 
> do?

You gave your web provider (or somebody) as an example:
what do they do if you have forgotten your password,
*and* your email address has changed?

There is no way to automatically verify that you are
still the same person. If anybody could change anybody's
password and email address, we would not need to use
passwords in the first place.

Ian Bicking points out that you can look into the file
.pypirc, if you still have that, perhaps it has cached
the password, in which case it would be stored as clear
text. If you only ever interacted with the Cheeseshop
with a web browser, then it won't have the password

In that case, you should follow the "Get Help" on
the lower-left side of


which brings you to


and request a change of email address. State your real
name, your account name, and your old and new email


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