[Catalog-sig] cheeseshop down?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Oct 30 22:08:20 CET 2006

Jim Fulton schrieb:
>> I don't have time to look into what might have happened right now
>> though.
> This is a fairly serious problem.  In the past, you questioned why
> anyone would want to implement their own package indexes.

And I would still question that. I can understand why people are
unhappy if the service isn't reliable; I can't understand why they
then think they can do better their own.

> I'll refrain, for now, from making suggestions, although I really
> want to, because I haven't had a chance to study the current
> implementation.

I hope the suggestion won't be "let's build another package database".
Other suggestions certainly would be welcome. As we found in this
specific case, it really was an admin error, by some unknown admin.
Would your suggestion have such error from happening?


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