[Catalog-sig] Framework classifiers

Jim Fulton jim at riversnake.com
Thu Sep 14 13:38:40 CEST 2006

Please define the following Trove classifiers:

Framework :: Buildout

   Recipes and Extensions for zc.buildout

Framework :: ZODB

   Packages that provide objects that can be stored in the ZODB or  
packages that provide ZODB extensions, such as storage implementations.

Framework :: Zope2

   Zope 2 add-on packages.

Framework :: Zope3

   Zope3 add-on packages, especially applications.  This should be  
used for packages that are designed specifically for the Zope 3  
application server.  This classification should not be used for more  
general packages that happen to be used by or that can be used in  
Zope 3.

It sure would be nice if PyPI stored and presented classifier  
descriptions. :)


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