[Catalog-sig] I don't want implicit hiding of old releases

Noah Kantrowitz kantrn at rpi.edu
Fri Apr 27 13:31:39 CEST 2007

Richard Jones wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Apr 2007, Jim Fulton wrote:
>> When a new release for a project is created (e.g. with the register
>> command), old releases are hidden.  I'm finding that this is almost
>> never what I want.  It's a pain to go back after registering a new
>> release and unhide old releases. Is there any way to suppress this
>> behavior?
> Not currently. What would you suggest?
Some kind of slotting (to steal a term from Gentoo) mechanism might be a
nice solution. The slot name (otherwise just an opaque string) would be
looked at for each upload, and all other releases in the same slot would
be hidden. This could be piggybacked in the keywords field to avoid the
need for client-side changes (keywords = 'slot:1'). This seems more
flexible than a simple package-level switch. If you never want any
versions hidden, just use your version number as the slot name, but you
can also do more traditional stuff with multiple release branches.


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