[Catalog-sig] Python implementations support

Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at defuze.org
Wed Feb 28 01:35:06 CET 2007

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Sylvain Hellegouarch schrieb:
>> I was wondering if it would be valuable to add the information about
>> which implementation of the Python language a package support. With
>> IronPython, PyPY and Jython becoming more and more stable it could be
>> interesting for a package maintainer to indicate that his product
>> actually supports one or several of them.
> What specific package do you have the desire to record this information for?
> Regards,
> Martin

If I requested this it's because I have actually made the effort to
ensure that two products [1] I had written where working under
IronPython. Then I realized I wanted to know which other products I
could safely try using with IronPython because their maintainer had
tried so.

Now it might sound like a useless piece of information currently but I
think it could be quite handy once the other implementations get a
bigger community.

>From your tone I have the feeling you find that idea utterly stupid.
Could be wrong of course.

If this doesn't happen in cheeshop then I might eventually setup my own
wiki for this specific feature but I don't see the point of spreading
information in different places.

- Sylvain
[1] http://trac.defuze.org/wiki/AmpleeIronPython

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