[Catalog-sig] psycoph errors from pypi

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Jul 7 00:40:19 CEST 2007

> That wouldn't be necessary for this to become a problem.  If PyPI was
> CGI before, then any sort of transient SQL problem wouldn't have had
> this effect, because the DB connection would've been closed at the end
> of each request.  So, it's probably an existing SQL error in PyPI.

That would be my guess. Another possibility might have been that
there was a Python exception, in which case PyPI would not have invoked
.commit on the transaction (so apparently, the transaction would have
been kept open). I'm unsure whether this might cause problems for
subsequent actions. Still, no such exceptions were reported...

In any case, I now do a .rollback in the case of an exception, and
a .rollback before processing a new request. I'd like to get some
confirmation that this is a sensible approach (or what else best
practice is).


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