[Catalog-sig] europython cheeseshop sprint? Rolling out changes.

René Dudfield renesd at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 05:27:53 CEST 2007


I'll need to coordinate with someone at some point to implement my
changes... since I don't have access.  I'm at europython, so maybe
that would be a good time to meet up for a little sprint?

Is there anyone with access to the cheeseshop going to europython who
wants to work on implementing these changes?  I don't have subversion
commit access, or access to the server, so I'll need someone else who
does to help me.

Here's the sprint wiki page for sprints:

I also created a page here:

We need to decide when to do the sprint too.

Please let me know if you want to join the sprint, and on what day?

What other things do people want to work on at the sprint?

It would be good to set up a different virtual domain so we can test
changes on there without mucking up the normal cheeseshop so much.  It
might be best if I set it up on a separate server for testing, since
apache will have to be restarted a lot.

Since there aren't really any tests for the cheeseshop, should I start
adding some?  If so with which tool?  I'd like to make some tests to
see if the dymanic, or static files are being served - depending if
the user is authorized or not.  I'd also like to

These tests can also serve as monitoring tools - to answer this
question - 'is the cheeseshop still working?'

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