[Catalog-sig] start on static generation, and caching - apache config.

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Wed Jul 11 22:55:55 CEST 2007

On Jul 11, 2007, at 4:43 PM, Martin v. Löwis wrote:

>>> If the latter, what links does it follow (there are plenty
>>> more on the package page)?
>> See: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/catalog-sig/2007-July/ 
>> 001217.html
>> It seems to only scan the release pages.  So it has some heuristic to
>> know which links to follow.
> Looking at
> http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall#package-index-api
> tells me that it always expects that release pages have the form
> base/projectname/version.
> This looks like a formal specification of PyPI, so I wonder why it
> then would not trust this specification more actively.

<shrug>  Phillip has certainly said it could.

IMO, it wouldn't really matter if the pages used by setuptools were  
specialized for it. Compared with changing setuptools to be more  
clever in its handling of release pages, providing custom pages for  
setuptools will reduce the number of requests by at least 50% and  
sometimes much more and will greatly reduce the amount of data that  
needs to be downloaded and scanned.  Someone will need to modify some  
software in either case, so the custom index pages look like a big  
win to me.

I'll take a stab at writing a module, probably using setuptools  
itself, to scan the existing package and release pages to generate  
the sort of pages I'm talking about.  This can be used to generate  
sample pages and might be useful for implementing the pages.


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