[Catalog-sig] [Distutils] Prototype setuptools-specific PyPI index.

Noah Gift noah.gift at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 22:07:15 CEST 2007

On 7/24/07, "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de> wrote:
> > Would it be a bad idea to suggest the case insensitive lookup happen
> > against a local flat file that gets diff'd from PyPI?  Then only the
> > culprit gets punished using their own CPU :)
> What does it mean to "diff a flat file from PyPI"?
I am familiar with an open source project called Radmind.  It
maintains machines be keeping a local transcript with all of the files
and "overloads" on it.  When you modify the file system you diff the
changes into an overload and put them on the server.

When the client asks for an update, the client checks to see if its
transcript files are the same.  If they are then it does nothing.  If
it different the file(s) get updated.  Then the magic is that the
search and replace for which files it needs to grab are done locally
using ton's of local CPU.  When the client resolves all of the files
it needs, it then grabs them from the server.

It is a nifty design:  http://rsug.itd.umich.edu/software/radmind/

So, if someone does an "incorrect" search, easy_install checks to see
first if it has the latest "file".  If not, it then replaces its local
index.  Then the search happens locally, not being going back and
forth to the server.

> Regards,
> Martin


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