[Catalog-sig] Changing cheeseshop.python.org to pypi.python.org

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Jul 24 23:35:24 CEST 2007

>> After some discussion, it seems that nobody really likes
>> the name "cheeseshop" for the Python Package Index,
>> and some people seem to actively hate it.
> I was under the impression that that's also the case for the name
> "PyPI", which was changed because of difficulty of disambiguating from
> "PyPy" in conversation.

That may be the case - however, Guido van Rossum said he would like
to see PyPI promoted, and thought that this already had been decided.
Richard Jones doesn't object; so PyPI it is.

> Cheeseshop is at least a word that is obviously a noun, and it is in
> somewhat more common use, with 224000 google hits for "cheeseshop python
> -monty", versus 199,000 for "pypi python -monty".

Sure. I can see all the reasons why one would like to have something
like that. However, it's an authority decision, and I firmly believe
in authority when it comes to naming things - somebody has to pick
a name, and PyPI is the name that got picked (along with its full
spelling of "Python Package Index" - google for that also)

But then, I can't even see why the number of hits is important - what
matters is what comes out at place 1 in Google.


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