[Catalog-sig] improving pypi

Jodok Batlogg jodok at lovelysystems.com
Mon Jun 18 23:40:05 CEST 2007


cheeseshop seems to attract more and more traffic. during the last  
weeks it was pretty slow and now and then not reachable at all.
we're using zc.buildout to deploy our egg-based applications in  
production and really rely on cheeseshop (and download.zope.org).
the current situation is really bad and should be improved:

here's what i propose:
a) change the pypi software so it bakes static pages that can be  
served/cached easily.
b) start an effort to have some mirrors worldwide.

lovely systems is willing to contribute money for a) and hardware /  
bandwidth for b)

are there volunteers to work on it?
are there other companies to support it?

until we solved the issues we'd like to mirror http:// 
cheeseshop.python.org/packages/source/ (no dynamically generated  
pages) to one of our local servers and start working with pypicache  
(http://trac.wiretooth.com/public/wiki/pypicache). probably we can  
even start setting up rsync between trusted servers?



"Now is better than never."
   -- The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters

Jodok Batlogg, Lovely Systems
Schmelzhütterstraße 26a, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria
phone: +43 5572 908060, fax: +43 5572 908060-77

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