[Catalog-sig] Cheeseshop performance improved

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Jun 26 00:01:53 CEST 2007

> Can you tell if the memory leak is coming from PyPI or from the Wiki? 

No. When it becomes slow, take a look and report


Do this a couple of times, verifying that you talk to different
processes (close your browser/use a command line tool if your
browser insists on keeping the connection open).

I can't study it, as I'm not awake at the times of the day when it
becomes loaded.

> I
> think that another short term thing to try would be to put PyPI on its
> own machine to protect it from Wiki load. I don't know if this will
> help, but it might be worth trying.

Unfortunately, that's not a short-term solution. It takes a lot of
effort (one day) to migrate the installation, and there are no
volunteers that have that much free time available. I, myself,
am booked until February 2008, at which point I might be able
to perform the migration of the installation to a new machine.

I dislike the wording "protect from the Wiki load", though.
I'm not so certain who needs protection from whom, here;
I personally consider the Wiki of equal importance for the
Python community as the Cheeseshop (I personally use it more
than the Cheeseshop).


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