[Catalog-sig] "distribution too large" -- what is the limit?

Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Wed Aug 6 20:34:22 CEST 2008


The Mayavi project has recently started to include runtime accessible 
documentation in their distributions and this has pushed the latest 
Windows egg to 10,989,580 bytes in size.   I'm finding that this can't 
be uploaded into PyPi as I get a "distribution too large" message 
whenever using the upload command, or when manually trying to upload it 
to PyPi.

What is the limit I have to tell the Mayavi community to adhere to?   I 
used the search box on the PyPi pages and also tried googling a bit for 
the phrase "distribution too large" but couldn't come up with a limit.

Also, I'm still looking for help with re-casing the project registration 
from MayaVi to Mayavi.  Is there anyway to do this short of completely 
unregistering the project and re-registering it?

-- Dave

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