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Thu Aug 28 16:42:38 CEST 2008

--On 28. August 2008 16:30:27 +0200 Joachim König-Baltes 
<joachim.koenig-baltes at emesgarten.de> wrote:

> Today I got aware of pySSH_Monitor through my RSS reader. Trying to
> download
> the code by clicking on the download link on pypi I got redirected to
> www.pypi.info
> that requires registration through invitation only (by whoom anyway?).
> Looking a bit closer at the licensing information on pypi for the
> package, the licensing is very restrictive,
> e.g.
> - "may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever ..."
> - as long as "... there was never any intent to use this package to
> generate any income of any kind."
> - "...may not redistribute this package without prior written permission
> from the author."
> see below for details.

The package is released under the Creative Commons license.
And of course it is legitimate to use such a license - even if it
excludes the use for commercial use.

> What's the community's opinion on that?

That's the first time I see the CC in the context of software (I thought 
the CC would be focused on print works, book etc.). Anyway...the exclusion 
of commercial usage is just stupid (possibly it is unintended by the 
author). No idea what the intention of the author is. If one wants some 
revenues from a commercial usage, one can always dual-license a 
software...prohibitting its use for a commercial purpose under all 
circumstances is just odd.


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