[Catalog-sig] problems with PyPI?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Dec 13 01:09:06 CET 2008

>> make a precise problem description to the PyPI bug tracker?
> Where's that?

Follow the link "Bug reports", to


>> I don't understand that remark. What is a "management group"?
> Currently, packages can only be owned by an individual.
> This is annoying when a package is maintained by a group of people, as
> each person in the group has to manually have *all* the packages added
> to their username by someone who already has joint ownership of them.

(I had to read it three times to understand what you mean - you want to
have people join a group, and then make the group owner of the package)

Feel free to submit a bug report/feature request. This is a significant
change, so in absence of a patch, don't expect that PyPI will change
here any time soon.


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