[Catalog-sig] PyPI Enhancements

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Jan 6 19:20:53 CET 2008

> When a user call the register or the upload command with such a file, it
> will loop through every section, and ask the used at the prompt if he wants
> to perform the action over the given server.

I'm with Fred here. The distutils command line interface should avoid
interactivity, and receive all input through command line options.

If people still want interactive tools, they should build on top of
distutils commands (or perhaps be additional commands).

> No, the server wouldn't store them. It will just ignore them. That
> would be done by returning a simple warning when a category in 
> the received classifiers is unknown.

Ok, that's fine.

>> "Providing a base layer". It's not clear to me what that actually
>> means. PyPI *does* have a separation of webui and store, so it
>> is layered. Not sure what you are asking for.
> Yes, that was not clear at all, I included an example the document.
> I was just talking about having a separate interface that exposes
> the API for the storage and the web interface. This interface
> could be used as a common base for all PyPI-like server,
> even if they don't use SQL to store data

Ok, so you are after separate storage mechanisms. I'm opposed, as
I don't see why anybody would want to have that - specifically,
what else do you want to store it in, and why? What's wrong with

It looks like a major complication in the code, for perhaps just
one user (i.e. you).

Also, and again: pypi *already* has store.py. Is it not good enough
to provide an alternative implementation of that class? Where you
have list_classifiers(), store.Store has get_classifiers. Where you
have file_upload, store.Store has add_file. So it seems to me that
this request is already implemented, except that it doesn't use
Zope interfaces.


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