[Catalog-sig] Pypi silliness when finding dev versions

Ben Bangert ben at groovie.org
Tue Jun 10 18:03:37 CEST 2008

On Jun 9, 2008, at 9:00 PM, Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Unfortunately, I cannot understand your message: What is the Pylons- 
> dev
> egg link, why is it dead, and why do you think you have to go back
> 20-some descriptions (which ones)?
> I can only see a single link that might be the Pylons-dev egg link,
> namely
> https://www.knowledgetap.com/hg/pylons-dev/archive/ 
> tip.tar.gz#egg=Pylons-dev

Yes, this is because the co-founder of the project has already gone  
through all of the releases, and removed all the other #egg=Pylons-dev  
links from them.

Here is one that I have yet to go back through and remove the old  
#egg=Pylons-dev links from:

At the bottom, you can see multiple links for it. When easy_install  
runs, it usually goes for the first link (which is from an old package  
description), not the one from the latest package.

> Also, why do you want to remove a link from the pages?

Because there is only one development version, and the repo changed  
from where it was in the past. So the old links are totally dead and  
shouldn't be looked at. #egg=Beaker-dev should be a unique name, and  
there shouldn't be multiple links for it in the page there which is  
what easy_install looks at when you do:
easy_install -U Beaker==dev

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