[Catalog-sig] Pypi silliness when finding dev versions

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Tue Jun 10 22:15:28 CEST 2008

On Jun 10, 2008, at 3:54 PM, Martin v. Löwis wrote:

>> At the bottom, you can see multiple links for it. When easy_install
>> runs, it usually goes for the first link (which is from an old  
>> package
>> description), not the one from the latest package.
> The simple API shows all links from all packages, not just from the
> latest package.
> In this case, it would help if PyPI would hide all URLs belonging to
> hidden releases.
> Would that be desirable?

It would be really bad.

It's important for old releases to remain visible so that applications  
that depend on them can find them.

A better solution to this problem would be to hide dev releases. Dev  
releases should never be uploaded to pypi.


Jim Fulton
Zope Corporation

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