[Catalog-sig] requested Trove Classifier: "Framework :: Setuptools Plugin"

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sun Mar 9 02:13:25 CET 2008

At 11:03 AM 3/9/2008 +1100, Richard Jones wrote:
>On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, zooko wrote:
> > Folks:
> >
> > Per this thread on distutils-sig, it would be useful to have a
> > classifier with which to identify setuptools plugins:
> >
> > http://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2008-March/008847.html
> >
> > What needs to be done to make this possible?
>Sorry for the slow response, I've been busy.
>I would prefer to see the classifier named similarly to the other 
>frameworks -
>ie. no "Plugin". Otherwise I have no objection.

My concern is that people will use the tag merely if their code 
*uses* setuptools or is compatible with it, because there isn't any 
other guidance about how it's meant to be used.  Would you be alright 
with say, "Setuptools Extensions"? 

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