[Catalog-sig] requested Trove Classifier: "Framework :: Setuptools Plugin"

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sun Mar 9 03:08:02 CET 2008

> I would prefer to see the classifier named similarly to the other  
> frameworks -
> ie. no "Plugin". Otherwise I have no objection.

Well, we should be careful distinguish between a package which is a  
setuptools plugin -- i.e. a unit of code which can used to extend the  
setuptools build tool -- from a package which is built using setuptools.

The classifier I'm looking for is a way to find packages of the  
former kind.

It was Philip J. Eby's suggestion, originally, to name it "setuptools  
plugin" in order to make it clear that this classifier wasn't  
appropriate for any package which is built using setuptools.



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