[Catalog-sig] Request: Interface to index of package-metadata

mereandor at gmail.com mereandor at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 14:24:16 CET 2008


I'm currently planning to integrate the PyPI into the paludis package management system (http://paludis.pioto.org).

I did some research on which interfaces are available to retrieve data from the index. The two most promising interfaces are the XML-RPCs and http://pypi.python.org/simple. But both lack a compact index (information that I can download with only one request) that contains at least the package names and the available versions.

A syncable directory (rsync, svn, ... you name it) that contains the PKGINFO file for each package/version combination would be even better, since this would reduce the communication with the server (and thus the server load) to a minimum.

Would it be possibe to extend the existing interfaces so that they fit this needs?

I'll gladly help working on those new interfaces if help is wanted.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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