[Catalog-sig] PyPI replication project

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Thu Oct 9 12:40:14 CEST 2008

Hi there,

I would like to inform you that we created the "PyPI replication 
project" hosted on Launchpad. Driven by the needs of the Zope world 
using zc.buildout intensively, we created a package z3c.pypimirror
for mirroring the packages directly hosted on PyPI on a local server.
This removed the dependency from the PyPI server(s) which are a 
single-point-of-failure and often had issues in the past with respect to 
availability and reliability.

In phase 1 of the project (upcoming soon) we will provide a number of 
independent machines (up to five servers) with a full copy of all 
packages hosted directly on PyPI.

For phase 2 (next year) we will rework the codebase of z3c.pypimirror 
and try to deal in some way with packages hosted externally. In addition 
we think about providing some kind of automatic mirror-selection within 
setuptools/zc.buildout based on DNS alias entries (subject to be planned).


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