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Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Fri Oct 10 12:40:17 CEST 2008

Am 09.10.2008 18:59 Uhr, Martin v. Löwis schrieb:
>> Mirrors help every other packaging system.  So it stands to reason
>> that it would help pypi too.  I think since many zope people have been
>> using mirrors instead of using pypi directly... pypi has been more
>> available.  It's running lots better for other reasons too... but less
>> load is probably also nice for pypi :)
> I'm fine with people operating their own mirrors. I just don't think
> it can be made *invisible* to users that they use a mirror. In the
> mirroring systems for Linux distributions, for example, people have
> to explicitly select which mirror they want to use (and accept that
> the mirror may lag behind by a day or so). It's also clear that it is
> a "mere" mirror.

Implict or explict mirror selection is not primary point in phase 1
of the project. The point is that we must have access to the 
distribution packages and eggs at any time - independent of the 
available of PyPI (either related to issues with the PyPI server or 
caused by internet outages or routing problems).

An implicit selection of a mirror in case of an detected outtage would 
be nice but this is possibly not the most important issue right now.
We can always reconfigure out buildout configurations easily to a new 
server or define a series of mirroring servers.

> What Andreas was asking how a distributed PyPI installation could work,
> by which I assume he was asking for one that a) is invisible (of called
> misleadingly "transparent") to users, and b) allows updates to replica.
> I'm skeptical that such an system would work all that well, and can
> be created in a reasonable amount of time

As stated earlier: we can already define multiple servers as part
of a buildout configuration. A better mirror selection algorithm would 
be nice to have for the future but right now we don't actually need it 
and can live with the current state.

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