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                                    TEST AUTOMATION TOOL  FACTORS 1-5
                                    Preparation Timeframe
                                    Return On Investment
                                    When Is the Benefit To Be Gained?
                                    The Degree Of Change
                        It is not practical to try to automate everything, nor is there the time available generally.  Pick very carefully the functions/areas...  
                        PREPARATION TIMEFRAME
                        The preparation time for automated test scripts has to be taken into account.  In general, the preparation time for automated scripts can be up to 2/3 times longer than for manual testing...   ( http://www.pinpointresources.com/automation.asp#point2 ) 
                        RETURN ON INVESTMENT ( http://www.pinpointresources.com/automation.asp#point3 ) Because the preparation time for test automation is so long, the benefit of the test automation only begins...
                        WHEN IS THE BENEFIT TO BE GAINED?Choose your objectives wisely, and seriously think about when and where ( http://www.pinpointresources.com/automation.asp#point4 )  the benefit is to be gained.  If your application is significantly changing regularly, forget about test automation - you will spend so much time updating your scripts that you will not reap many benefits... 
                        THE DEGREE OF CHANGEThe best of test automation is for regression testing, whereby you use automated tests to ensure that pre-existing functions (e.g. functions from version 1.0 - i.e. not new functions in this release) are unaffected by... 
                                    Often when a test automation tool is introduced to a project, the expectations for the return on investment are very high.  Project members anticipate that the tool will immediately narrow down the testing scope, meaning reducing cost and schedule.  However, we have seen several test automation projects fail - miserably.
                                    The following very simple factors largely influence the effectiveness of automated testing, and if not taken into account, the result is usually a lot of lost effort, and very expensive 'shelfware'.
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