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Noah Kantrowitz noah at coderanger.net
Tue Dec 1 22:50:54 CET 2009

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> The poll is now closed, with these results
> Allow ratings and comments on all packages (status quo)	237
> Allow package owners to disallow comments (ratings unmodified).	139
> Allow comments, but only send them to package owners (ratings
> unmodified).	33
> Disallow comments (ratings unmodified).	24
> Disallow ratings and comments (status three months ago).	88
> My interpretation is that the result is inconclusive. A clear majority
> does want a comment facility (in some form); another (not so clear)
> majority wants to see something changed.
> So it might be best to implement what appears as middle-ground,
> i.e. allow package authors to opt out of comments.
> Opinions?

Can we switch to using Disqus (http://disqus.com/) or similar service that
is a little easier on the eyes (and has some moderation tools, etc etc)?


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