[Catalog-sig] New fields in the Metadata for PyPI

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Dec 3 22:09:26 CET 2009

> I think it would be generally useful if old releases included a
> warning in the PyPI interface (some prominent box that said "This is
> an old release! The newest release is <a href="X.Y">X.Y</a>").

They do already.

> It's
> actually pretty easy to get unintentionally to an old release via
> search engines.  I think a warning would mitigate this problem and
> others.

In the specific case that Tarek referred to, it wouldn't: the repository
URL and -dev URL of a project changed, but the old releases weren't
changed. As a consequence, the package's "simple" page listed both, and
setuptools would chose the wrong one.

Of course, for bug trackers, this specific problem likely won't occur,
unless some software starts to automatically locate the bug tracker
for some software.

> It would be nice (as per-release bug trackers seem quite unlikely) but
> I doubt it will be a big problem in practice.  If you change bug
> trackers you should probably make the old link point to the new one
> anyway; PyPI is hardly the only link to the old bug tracker that will
> linger.

One would hope so. However, people actually leave the old sites in a
very bad shape: hanging web servers and stuff like that.


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