[Catalog-sig] Request for additional classifier for European Union Public License (EUPL)

Cillian de Róiste deroiste at syslab.com
Fri Dec 4 11:37:06 CET 2009

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>> We would like to use a classifier for EUPL licensed work:
>> EUPL is an OSI approved F/OSS license which is approved by the European
>> Commission:
>> http://ec.europa.eu/idabc/eupl.
>> "License :: OSI Approved :: European Union Public License (EUPL)"
> Can you name a few packages that would be classified under this classifier?

Sure, we'd like to use the classifier for the following packages which 
are already on pypi:


The EUPL license has been added to these products in our repository, but 
we have not released new packages yet, hence the query. We will 
certainly have more packages in the future which could also use it.

I have noticed another package which has nothing to do with us but which 
also is licensed under the EUPL:

lists 3 additional Python projects which are using the license.

According to: http://www.osor.eu/eupl/introduction-to-the-eupl-project
the EUPL was created to satisfy the following requirements of the 
European Commission:

# The Licence should have equal legal value in many languages;
# The terminology regarding intellectual property rights had to be 
conformant with European law requirements ;
# To be valid in all Member States, limitations of liability or warranty 
had to be precise, and not formulated “to the extend allowed by the law” 
as in most licences designed with the legal environment of the United 
States in mind.

Since we have clients who are requesting that we use this license 
specifically, it would be nice if we could use the classifier.

Please let me know if you would like any further information to support 

Cillian de Róiste

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