[Catalog-sig] [PSF-Board] Troubled by changes to PyPI usage agreement

VanL van at python.org
Fri Dec 4 17:05:36 CET 2009

Doug Hellmann wrote:
> We have to grant the PSF the rights to distribute the files if we're 
> uploading them to be hosted on PyPI.  Does the new wording imply that 
> we're licensing the use of that code under those terms, or just 
> granting distribution rights the file containing the code?  It feels 
> like the latter, but I don't know how the word "perform" is 
> interpreted in this context. 
Doug is essentially right here. By this agreement, the PSF gets the 
particular rights to:
- reproduce: We can copy it (in memory, or in preparation to send a copy)
- distribute: We can cause other people to receive it.
- transmit: We can send it out on a signal.
- display: We can show the content to other people.
- perform: A term of art for showing some sorts of works (think 
audio-visual or theater works)
- publish: We can offer and provide copies to other people.
... including in digital form: And do all that stuff using computer 
representations of whatever you upload.

You will find that all of these are very closely related, if not 
synonyms. Basically, we can receive your work, copy it, and provide it 
to other people in a variety of ways. This does not give the PSF the 
right to relicense your work, nor to create derivative works -- just to 
pass it on to anybody who happens to wander by the PyPI web page.



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