[Catalog-sig] [PSF-Board] Troubled by changes to PyPI usage agreement

VanL van at python.org
Mon Dec 7 20:58:24 CET 2009

Laura Creighton wrote:
> I think it would be better to use the language from the EUPL
> see: http://ec.europa.eu/idabc/servlets/Doc?id=31979
> In particular, I think that it is much better to say something like:
>    In the countries where moral rights apply, the Licensor waives his right to exercise his
>    moral right to the extent allowed by law in order to make effective the licence of the
>    economic rights here above listed.
>    The Licensor grants to the Licensee royalty-free, non exclusive usage rights to any
>    patents held by the Licensor, to the extent necessary to make use of the rights granted
>    on the Work under this Licence.
> rather than asserting 
>        The PSF is free to use or disseminate any content ....
This is irrelevant. The EUPL refers to the licensing of the content; the 
PSF does not get the right to license (or relicense) content, only to 
distribute it. To the extent that anyone is worried about EUPL/GPL-like 
obligations on the content that kick in on redistribution, we provide 
exactly what was provided to us; if it was compliant on upload, it will 
be compliant on download.



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