[Catalog-sig] Troubled by changes to PyPI usage agreement

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Dec 9 06:47:27 CET 2009

> No one. The usage agreement now gives the PSF the permission to perform
> PyPI's function without needing to be concerned about the license terms
> at all. That's the entire point of having the usage agreement. The
> license of the code is irrelevant given that secondary agreement. If the
> uploader does not have the rights to give that permission, then PyPI may
> still have to take down the offending package, but I believe the
> existence of the agreement helps them avoid damages (IANAL and am not
> sure on this point). Without such an agreement, the PSF *would* have to
> audit the packages and their licenses. The usage agreement is a more
> efficient way to ensure that the PSF gets the necessary assurance that
> it has the right to redistribute the uploaded packages.

Exactly so.


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