[Catalog-sig] local copy of pypi packages list, and package data, how?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Jan 24 20:48:52 CET 2009

> What I'm wondering is how can I keep my app in sync?

There are a number of PyPI mirroring solutions out there; I suggest
you use one of them:


> Here is what I'm
> doing right now, I was wondering if this is not overloading your
> servers, or is there a faster/more efficient way.

See AMK's recent message - perhaps it was you who was overloading the

> 1. Is there a xmlrpc function that I can use to search for keywords
> and just get the packages I need?

No; you might use the regular UI search function, of course, but please
do restrict this to a small number of queries per hour.

> 2. Is there a better strategy then what I am doing? I would like to sync daily.

For downloading all files for a package, you might want to use the
simple API (/simple). For keeping in sync, you might want to use
changelog; updated_releases will only tell you whether a new release was
made, not whether a file has been added or replaced.


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