[Catalog-sig] More problems with the comments system...

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Nov 25 17:47:42 CET 2009

> In this discussion, I placed a comment in the zope.app.sqlscript thread
> to point to more modern ways to integrate the Zope Toolkit with
> relational databases. This comment (along with many others) is now lost
> because the original person deleted his comment and then recreated it.

It's not completely lost, as there still is a log of it somewhere. So if
you need the actual text, please let me know.

> The current design therefore gives the commenter the power to destroy
> responses by package owners. And...

That's true, and unfortunate. Can you propose an alternative approach
(short of removing the comment facility altogether)?

>> - Because I'm marked as a "Package Index Owner", I can't rate or
>> independently comment on this package, even though I'm not its
>> maintainer, I'm just someone who's volunteered to take responsibility
>> for releasing a load of zope-related eggs when no-one else is around.
> Happened to me too.

Not sure what exactly happened: that you wanted to rate, and couldn't,
or that you wanted to comment, and couldn't?

Why would you want to comment on the package, when you can put whatever
you want to say into the packages' page?

> Of course the package owners can put a "reply" to the comment in the
> actual long description of the package, but that doesn't seem to be the
> right medium for it.

I agree that this is not the right place for a reply. As for other
information or remarks that you want to publish, I'm not so sure.

> If comment disabling is implemented, I think a nice feature might be to
> repeat the author email metadata in its place (or perhaps a special
> metadata field for diccussion forums). This way someone who wants to
> comment on the package gets a clear indication of where they can to go.

This I cannot understand. Can you rephrase?


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