[Catalog-sig] OpenID on PyPI

Adam Lowry adam at therobots.org
Sun Sep 13 03:14:00 CEST 2009

I was pointed to this thread by some people on our local user group,  
and since I've done some OpenID implementation work in the past (on  
the RP and OP side), they asked me to chime in.

The criteria for inclusion into the whitelist posted is:
> must be in wide use, using procedures that the community trusts
> must support OpenID 2.0
> must support provider-driven identifier selection
> must provide a validated email address, either through AX or SREG
> must support direct communication over https

I wanted to note in particular that
> must provide a validated email address, either through AX or SREG

is not very useful for this sort of system. Keep in mind that Google  
and MyOpenID, two of the providers on the whitelist, can return email  
addresses, they are optional. It's just as likely that a Google user  
will opt not to return an email address. And I believe (although I'm  
not sure right now) that with MyOpenID you can return any email  
address you want.

In short, you still have to verify the email address through  
traditional means.

As another point, I do use MyOpenID as my provider, but I do so  
through delegation from my personal site; that way I don't have to do  
the work of maintaining a provider but I can use one that I trust.  
With this whitelist I cannot use my chosen identifier.

Finally, the other respondents are correct in that trusting an OpenID  
provider (as an RP) is the same as trusting an email address provider  
if you have a reset password link (as PyPI does).

Please reconsider allowing a user-chosen identifier, even if you do  
keep the identifier-select buttons.


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