[Catalog-sig] Rating feature

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Sep 18 11:57:23 CEST 2009

René Dudfield wrote:
> People getting their questions answered is a good thing, so is
> allowing authors to connect to users.  Comments on the packages make
> both of those easier.

Not really, they make yet another avenue that a package maintainer who 
wants to be responsible has to check every so often to make sure he or 
she hasn't missed anything.

Mailing lists are for discussions and comments, I'd prefer to use those 
excellent mature tools already rather than having to worry about the 
development of yet another tool that will have to overcome the same 
pitfalls (most notably misuse and, in particular, spam)

> Perhaps bug report links, and mailing list links would be good, so as
> to get people commenting in the right place? 

Yes, I'm still waiting for the variously discussed metadata enhancements 
;-) In the meantime, I provide all these for my own packages, for 
example, here:


 > However not all packages
> have mailing lists or issue trackers.

I'd argue that it's easier for people to use the plethora of already 
existing tools out there and provide links from PyPI rather than trying 
to badger Martin into developing these on PyPI ;-)

In short, for me, ratings great, comments bad, wish I could turn them 
off before they become a problem...

A slight ironic note: we can *only* vote for specific releases, with no 
possibility of voting for the package as a whole or seeing the package's 
rating once a new release is made, and yet we can *only* upload 
documentation for the package as a whole, rather than per release, even 
though there may be great differences between releases? Feels the wrong 
way round to me ;-)


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