[Catalog-sig] How to make and see comments on PyPI

Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Mon Apr 12 00:33:52 CEST 2010

Georg Brandl <g.brandl at gmx.net> writes:

> This is a big problem with the comments/rating facility: Happy users
> are unlikely to use it, or even find it, e.g. when installing packages
> via easy_pip. Unhappy users try harder to find some way to let the
> author know, and abuse the comments either to make bug reports or to
> rant indiscriminately, as was recently witnessed by Skip.

And, since AFAICT package maintainers can't add, nor edit, nor remove,
any comments on their own packages, the problem remains. Possibly
getting an administrator to address the problem would work in some
individual cases, but why would such a petty issue be explicitly out of
the control of the people who are motivated to fix it?

That leaves only the option of disabling comments altogether on a
specific package. But, as Steven pointed out in an earlier discussion,
if packages *by default* have comments enabled, and then a maintainer
chooses to disable them, visitors will not know why that's been done and
will see only that the maintainer is rejecting user feedback. So that is
also a poor solution.

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