[Catalog-sig] PEP 381 Sample/Reference Implementation, Mirroring PyPI Meta Data

ssteinerX@gmail.com ssteinerx at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 02:04:43 CET 2010

On Jan 12, 2010, at 7:31 PM, Tarek Ziadé wrote:

> 2010/1/13 ssteinerX at gmail.com <ssteinerx at gmail.com>:
>> On Jan 12, 2010, at 6:35 PM, Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>>>> So...it seems that Tarek thinks the z3c.pypimirror implements the
>>>> eventual protocol and Martin is just planning on writing "it" from
>>>> scratch himself.
>>> Yes, Tarek is probably not convinced that z3c.pypimirror is not a
>>> good starting point. I may be actually wrong in assuming that it is
>>> better to start from scratch.
> Frankly I don't know.  z3c.pypimirror provides the piece of code that
> browses the changelog, and that can be reused. But there's more stuff to do to implement 381, and it
> depends a lot on the implementation strategy : a mirror is a web application so they are a
> thousand ways to implement it. In particular in the way to publish
> download hits. PyPI scans Apache logs to sums them.

Yes, there are a million details and what z3c.pypimirror does is, basically, use the xmlrpc interface to get a list of what to process, then slogs its way through that way to figure out what to "mirror."  Not very pretty (or efficient).

> [..]
>>> As for the protocol, I think the PEP says it all.
>> I'm sure this is clever but it must just be too subtle for me.
>> Uh...Tarek?
> Are you coming at Pycon ? I can show you what we've done and the
> principles. Or drop by irc

I'm working on making it to Pycon, we can chat on irc tomorrow.


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