[Catalog-sig] PyPI and PEP 381

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Jan 19 03:24:13 CET 2010

>>>> 1. a public statement by somebody that this is the protocol they would
>>>>    actually want to use. I still don't see the need for mirroring, so
>>>>    I would provide it independent of mirroring.
>>> There are consumers for this sure.
>>> Linux package maintainers, custom python distributions etc.
>> Which one specifically?
> Linux package maintainers could find a use for it because they
> could more quickly get updates from package maintainers. Specifically,
> any distro that repackages from pypi.
> Custom Distributions : ActiveState
> Also, end users. Even end users could read a package feed from
> pypi and it could enable an update. That would be good for python 3.

I'm giving up. Who, inside ActiveState, have you talked to who said
that ActiveState wants to use pubsubhubbub for receiving change
notifications from PyPI? I suppose the answer is "Nobody" - you
are just *assuming* that ActiveState may want to use pubsubhubbub.


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