[Catalog-sig] categories for alternative pythons and python likes? pypy/ironpython/jython/shedskin/pymite/etc

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Mar 13 17:57:17 CET 2010

> The real problem with categories like this is that if they only
> indicate that the package has been tested (and the tests pass) with
> that implementation of Python, there's no way to tell if the tests
> failed with another implementation, or if they simply weren't run.

I don't see this as a problem. What I want to know, as a user, is
whether the package is supported on some platform. If the author has
declared support, I can expect that it is supported. If the author has
not declared support, it means that the package is not supported -
whether or not the package actually works, or could be made to work.

If the package is not supported on, say, Jython, I can still test
whether it works, and port it if it doesn't.


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