[Catalog-sig] ANN: PyPM Index

Sridhar Ratnakumar sridharr at activestate.com
Thu Nov 11 04:02:50 CET 2010

On 11/10/2010 6:49 PM, Noah Kantrowitz wrote:
> It was about Softpedia or one of those sites. Not saying it is the same
> thing, but you seem to be seeing package builds based on code downloaded en
> masse from PyPI if I am reading this correctly.

Just to clarify, we are not pulling PyPI's data (source and/or metadata) 
"en masse" -- the update happens incrementally[1] each day, based on the 
releases that happen on that day, so as to not put too much load on 
PyPI's servers.

 > Mirroring the metadata I
> understand, not sure if I like the idea of my code on a website with a "Buy
> Now" link (I understand you aren't selling the actual project, just the
> service of the build farm, but for a pure-python package that sounds an
> awful lot like splitting hairs).

What we are selling, as part ActivePython Business Edition, is the 
binary builds (via a convenient installer) for a special subset of 
packages[2] among other things (big iron, support). Except these, 
thousands of packages are made freely available to ActivePython 
Community Edition users.


[1] We use the `changelog(yesterday)` API to determine the packages to 
update, http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyPiXmlRpc

[2] About 30 of them, http://code.activestate.com/pypm/tag:business-edition/

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