[Catalog-sig] ANN: PyPM Index

Noah Kantrowitz noah at coderanger.net
Thu Nov 11 05:03:23 CET 2010

On Nov 10, 2010, at 7:50 PM, Sridhar Ratnakumar wrote:

> On 11/10/2010 7:09 PM, Noah Kantrowitz wrote:
>>> >  What we are selling, as part ActivePython Business Edition, is  
>>> the
>>> >  binary builds (via a convenient installer) for a special subset  
>>> of
>>> >  packages[2] among other things (big iron, support). Except these,
>>> >  thousands of packages are made freely available to ActivePython
>>> >  Community Edition users.
>> All of my projects that I looked were marked as requiring a  
>> subscription:
>> http://code.activestate.com/pypm/pyzen/. " Builds marked with a  
>> lock icon
>> are only available via PyPM to users with a current ActivePython  
>> Business
>> Edition subscription." Perhaps this is just a bug?
> No, not a bug. I just forgot to note that Windows 64-bit in general  
> requires a Business Edition license to install any package from  
> PyPM. Therefore, all of your projects' binary builds under http://code.activestate.com/pypm/author:Noah-Kantrowitz/ 
>  are available for free except on Windows 64-bit.

Which I'm not sure I like. I certainly can't force you to change given  
the terms of the BSD license, but it seems odd that a package could  
have an egg or sdist on PyPI that will work just fine under Win64 and  
yet you charge for it on your system. There are certainly packages out  
there for which commercially supported Windows builds are a huge win  
for many people, but to apply that brush to everything single package  
on the free, public index? It just makes me uneasy.

>> There is also the part on
>> the side about buying a redistribution license.
> Yes, an OEM license is required if you want to commercially  
> *redistribute* (not use) ActivePerl, ActivePython or ActiveTcl (the  
> core interpreter and its support libraries).

It could be misinterpreted from that page to imply that a license is  
required to redistribute that particular package.


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