[Catalog-sig] [Python-Dev] egg_info in PyPI

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Sep 18 17:10:46 CEST 2010

> So if the use case is to provide dependency information exposing
> egg_info is not the right way to do it - and tools that use it will be
> using potentially (and frequently) inaccurate information. I stand by
> the point that once we start providing this information tools will start
> using it, and they shouldn't be.

I think this is precisely the flaw in this line of reasoning: that we
refuse a service because we think the data is useless. Why can't the
users decide for themselves whether the data is useless?

As Thomas points out, people running into this will actually have a
reason to migrate to PEP 345. So exposing this presumed-incorrect
information will actually help promoting PEP 345.

> This problem (static availability of dependency information) is
> *exactly* the problem PEP 345 solves, so we should be pushing for
> progress on this front (distutils2a1 is already out and distutils2a2
> will be out soon).

And I don't mind pushing it, unless that means to deny users service
now based on the promise of offering better service tomorrow.


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