[Catalog-sig] Please turn off ratings

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Wed Apr 6 03:29:36 CEST 2011

> Hi folks --
> Just got another one of these:
> > From: PyPI operators <richard at python.org>
> > Subject: New rating on Django
> >
> > xen has rated your package as 0/5.  Comment (optional):
> I'd like to ask, again, to turn off ratings on PyPI packages.
> How is this feature helpful to anyone at all?
> * It's not helpful to me as a maintainer: I have no idea *why* "xen"
> gave this rating.
> * It's not helpful to users: they have no idea what "0" means.
> * It's not helpful to "xen": his feedback can't be acted upon, so
> we'll never be able to aprove.
> * It's not helpful to PyPI: what value does "0/5" provide to a catalog?
> * It's not helpful to the Python language: how does "0/5" in any way
> help Python users choose tools?
> PyPI is a catalog. Naive rating/voting features aren't part of that
> mission. Can we please turn this ill-considered, useless feature off?


I want to have an option to leave a comment for the public on case of bad or broken package especially if the author is not reachable or responding e.g. due to invalid or improper email addresses.

leaving a comment and a vote is valid measure to deal with trash packages on pypi.

yes, this discussion again .... pypi is a catalog but it should not be a package dumpster (not related to django in any way).

Andreas Jung

Sorry for being brief - 
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