[Catalog-sig] "python 2 only" classifier

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Dec 11 23:36:26 CET 2011

> It'd be useful to have a Trove classifier that signified "the authors
> have no current intention to port this code to Python 3". 

That classifier already exists: "Programming Language :: Python :: 2"
indicates support for Python 2, and absence of "Programming Language ::
Python :: 3" then indicates that this version lacks Python 3 support.
I don't think classifiers should be used to indicate some intention of
package authors, in particular since the intention may change, but
past releases will not.

If you think that this is still different from what you are asking:
What specific packages would be tagged with that classifier (I need
two at least), and did that package authors agree to add the classifier
to their package if it was available? Which specific classifier do you
propose to add?


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