[Catalog-sig] "python 2 only" classifier

Yuval Greenfield ubershmekel at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 11:29:13 CET 2011

Hi catalog-sig, I'm the wall of shame guy,

This was just brought to my attention by Chris via reddit so I'm sorry
for chiming in late.

Toshio Kuratomi is correct:
> Additionally, I'm not certain of the use case cited.  Isn't the utility of
> a site like http://python3wos.appspot.com/ in seeing which popular or
> widely depended upon packages have no python3 version?  With that in mind,
> the listing on that page wouldn't seem to depend on whether a package's
> author intends to port to python3.

1. If this forum likes it I'll add a lock icon next to packages with
the "Programming Language :: Python :: 2 :: Only" classifier with the
following mouse-over: "The maintainers of this code have declared it
will run on Python 2 only for the foreseeable future". This might
lessen the social pressure on the maintainers to port. I don't think
it'll help the PR issue.

2. A more useful classifier (in terms of PR) could be "Programming
Language :: Python :: 2 :: Py3k equivalent exists". Which would denote
that I can entirely remove the red package from the wall. This is
currently done manually for the following: 'multiprocessing',
'simplejson', 'argparse', 'uuid', 'setuptools', 'Jinja'. So feel free
to tell me if there are more I should add to this list. A classifier
would mean more work for everyone, though it is the pure and correct
way to go about this.

And I hope I'm not considered the bad guy here. Please do contact me
with any questions or suggestions. I only want to promote python 3
though I know the site has a dual edge to its sword.


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