[Catalog-sig] "python 2 only" classifier

Stefan Krah stefan-usenet at bytereef.org
Mon Dec 19 18:56:36 CET 2011

Yuval Greenfield <ubershmekel at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd already contacted several maintainers of packages with such a request.
> Starting this project I assumed PyPI would be a reliable source for this
> information, so I hope you can understand my mindset.

No, unfortunately PyPI isn't so reliable in that respect. Short of
downloading and checking each package manually, the next best option
is to check:


Here we go:

    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/pylint/   ->  green
    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/logilab-common/  ->  green
    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/logilab-astng/  -> green

    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/paste/  ->  green
    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/pycrypto/  ->  green
    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/python-dateutil/  -> green
    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/zconfig/  ->  green
    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/zdaemon/  ->  green
    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/pyopenssl/  -> green

    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/ordereddict/  ->  green
    [ordereddict is still red on your site]

    http://code.activestate.com/pypm/yolk/  ->  green

That was tough.

Stefan Krah

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